Moving to a big city

Long distance moving to a big city

Prepare for adventure, culture – and traffic! Moving to a big city, especially if you’re headed there from a smaller area, can be exciting; it can also easily overwhelm you. You’ll need to not only learn where things are, but also how you’ll get there, what areas you should avoid, and how you’ll negotiate all that traffic. Here are some tips to help you keep the transition exciting instead of scary. Learn the lay of the land First thing’s first: you need to learn the geography of your new city, especially if it was a long distance moving scenario which had you relocate from far away. Look at some maps online and identify major landmarks and freeways so that you’ll ...

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Tips for moving electronics

Moving Electronics

Moving electronics can be done safely and efficiently if you plan smartly Because they are expensive and fragile, electronics can be one of the more difficult things you’ll handle while moving. However, if you create a plan and work carefully and methodically, you’ll find that your electronics can be easily packed up and ready to install in your new home upon arrival. Check the instructions Take a look at the instruction manuals that came with your electronic equipment for any special guidelines. Some items may be sensitive to heat, for example, so you’ll need to take extra care. If you’ve lost your manuals, you can usually find them online on a site such as Manuals Online, or by searching on ...

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Countdown to Moving Day: An Organizational Timeline

Moving Timeline

Ensure moving day success with a timeline focused on staying organized You can organize a successful, stress-free move if you create a timeline of items and tasks to accomplish ahead of moving day. Don’t just face each obstacle as you come to it, or attempt to get everything done at once; break the bulk down into much more manageable tasks. Your move will be more organized and you’ll thank yourself when you come out on the other side. Two months before moving day Get your records together: Organize and collect all of your medical and educational records into one binder for easy access and safekeeping. Research moving companies: If you plan on using a mover, start to research your options ...

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How to Reduce the Stress that Comes with Moving

Moving Stress Reduction

Reduce the stress of a big move with preparation and a plan While you need to be prepared for anything during a move, there is almost always one thing you can count on: stress. There are so many variables to take into consideration such as kids, pets, moving costs, utility transfers or cancelations, and packing, that stress is a nearly constant factor during this time. If you plan ahead, however, and pay attention to a few key details, you can vastly reduce your stressors, and while you may not be able to go so far as to call it a pleasant experience, you can certainly make your move far less taxing. Here is a short list of things you can ...

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8 Tips for Moving With Seniors

Moving with Seniors

A LITTLE EXTRA THOUGHT AND PREPARATION ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE MOVING WITH SENIORS A STRESS-FREE EXPERIENCE FOR ALL When your move includes the senior members of your family, you’ll need to consider more than the usual relocation concerns to ensure a safe and happy transition. Whether you’re helping your elderly loved one move from a large home to a smaller one, or getting them situated into a senior living community, these tips will help ease the transition and make moving easier for everyone. 1.      Downsizing Perhaps one of the most important steps of any move, downsizing your belongings (or those of your elderly family member) prior to packing and moving is essential if you want to save time and money ...

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5 Worst Moving Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Avoid these most common mistakes for a smooth move 1. Not Hiring a Mover The moving mistake: In an attempt to save money, you don’t hire a moving company, only to find yourself without supplies, a truck, or friends to help with the heavy lifting. The fix: Once you crunch the numbers, hiring a moving company is actually quite affordable, and well worth the money. Depending on the level of service you need, movers can do everything from packing up all of your valuables, to transporting and unpacking, leaving you more time (and energy!) to take care of the rest of the moving logistics. 2. Inadequate Research The moving mistake: You’ve hired a moving company, but didn’t call around for bids, or ...

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10 Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Full Security Deposit Back

Security Deposit

Be sure to get your deposit money back by following these 10 tips As you prepare to move out of your old rental home, getting your deposit money back is probably at the forefront of your mind. A little time and work can make all the difference in how much you end up getting back, and how quickly you get it. Follow these steps to ensure you’re getting as much of your deposit back as possible. 1.    Review your lease agreement. Chances are, there’s a portion of your lease agreement that details what you can expect back in terms of deposit, and what conditions need to be met in order to get the most back possible. For example, some rental companies ...

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How to Pack a Piano for Moving

Moving a piano requires a delicate touch and a basic knowledge of its working parts in order to prevent damage during the move. But the required expertise comes into play before the actual move: during the packing and preparation for the movers. Our vast experience on how to pack a piano for moving makes us experts in the NYC moving market. The tips below will help you save money while you take critical steps to protect your piano. Tools: Gloves (optional) Even though you won’t physically be moving the piano, wrapping it requires a tight grip. Also, it is important to protect your hands. You may wish to invest in work gloves for this task. You can later use your ...

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How to pack alone and save money

Packing your belongings by yourself is a great option for reducing moving costs. With some boxes, packing paper and a few tips, you are good to go. The guidelines below work for our company packers and our clients in the NY and greater NY area. General rules and guidelines for how to pack alone The first step to set the wheels in motion for a smooth and easy packing experience is to sort and organize your fragile belongings as you tackle each room. You likely have breakable items, such as vases or lamps, in addition to your kitchenware. Set aside fragile items so they don’t get mixed in with other boxes. There are some basic rules concerning how to pack ...

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